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The Face Claim

1. You must have twenty (20) posts before you claim a face and this includes your own reserves.
2. You must keep your faces active (in roleplay threads, not just logging on or playing games), after 60 days your face is available to be claimed by someone else.
3. Faces can be shared if the current claimant agrees. If you would like to share a face, simply pm the character and if they agree, include that on your claim.
4. Your twenty (20) posts can not be in a locked forum, otherwise they do not count.
5. At least half (10) of your twenty (20) posts need to be actual rp posts and outside of the Vaults.
6. Canon faces, for the most part, are off limits. If a character lived at the end of the books, assume whomever played them in the film is a face unavailable.

If you have any questions regarding this, please ask.

Nb: only one celebrity per character.
Only one change per character every six months.

*Also ... you must remember if you are playing a child under the age of 13 you must and I cannot stress this enough. You MUST use a celebrity that is 13 years of Age.. yes even if you are 5 years old ... you may NOT use any photos under the age of 13... IF you are found in violation you will be warned and your signature will be removed.

The following list of kids... or any celebs even well known ones photos under the age of 12 can't be used.

Grace, Hope, Faith, and Joy Dever
Lucy Merriam
Alexa Gerasimovich
Mia Hays
Ryan and Hailey Kent
Alyssa Marie
Tommy, Aidan and Andrew Gonzales
Christian, Alex, Ben, Caleb and Abby Eckstein
Kennedy and Reghan Cutler
Jason and Kristopher Simmons
Otis Sterling
Ava and Payton Rodgers
Nathan and Sadie Som
Lexi Jourden
Griffin Crane
Savannah Davis
Alexander Stoller
Saoirse Scott
Kennedy Trawick
Giselle Nieto
Alyssa Shafer
Shyann McClure
Chandler Rigs
ANY children covered on Star-Kidz

P.S. Credit for the compiled list should be given to lisa22 of caution. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Ackles, Daneel (Harris) is Cordelia Emerson
Agron, Dianna is Darcy Branwen
Ajram, Nancy is Desdaemona Costa
Alexander, Jaimie is Chana Flahrety
Arendshorst, Anna is Sidonnie Vesey
Atwell, Hayley is Willa Saige
Autumn, Emilie is Aoibheann Deòireach
Avgeropoulos, Marie is Mary Akadi
Baccarin, Morena is Addison Hael
Baccarin, Morena is Guinevere Baudoin
Balfe, Caitriona is Eireann O'Brion
Barnes, Louise is Amina Rhodes
Barrett, Jacinda is Tamsin Honeysett
Bennet, Chloe is Deanna Callahan
Benoist, Melissa is RESERVED by Vince Goyle
Benson, Ashley is Xanthia Mason
Bett Rickards, Emily is Carlotta L'Engle
Bicondova, Carmen is Nieve Swan Aldwin-Kim
Bilson, Rachel is Imogen Astre
Bledel, Alexis is Sophie Leclair
Blunt, Emily is Molly M. Weasley
Boone, Megan is Sara Cole
Boyd, Michele is Samantha Ryder
Boynton, Lucy is Agnes Curnick
Brown Findlay, Jessica is Maria Curnick II
Browning, Emily is Mary Van Gogh
Browning, Logan is Kaitlyn Oxbury
Campbell, Danielle is RESERVED by Nadi
Cassidy, Katie is Jenna Woodward
Cates, Phoebe is OFF LIMITS
Celaya, Angélica is Elayne Maria St.Denis
Chan, Gemma is Justine Fitzroy
Chung, Jamie is Mica Reagan
Church, Charlotte is Nina Wallace
Clarke, Emilia is Maia-Anne Toomey
Coffey, Susan is Ember Doyle
Cohan, Lauren is Evangeline Quincey
Coleman, Jenna is Catherine Marple
Cook, Rachael Lee is Geovanna de'Medici
Copeland, Misty is Cinnamon St. Croix
Cotillard, Marion is Penny Belvins
Cuoco, Kaley is Hester Nicole Burris
Daddario, Alexandra is Wynne Chase
Davis, Essie is Bethany Ollivander-Fisher
Day, Felicia is Amelie Renoir
Debnam-Carey, Alycia is Alexis Harper
Decker, Cinita is Teodora Weasley
Dennings, Kat is Juniper Rhoads
Deschanel, Zooey is Ruby Kaine
Deutch, Zoey is RESERVED by Nadi
Dockery, Michelle is Persephone Abberley
Dormer, Natalie is Liviana Starling
Drayton, Poppy is Amberle Mitchell
Dushku, Eliza is Gwen Sinclair-Ebbs
Edenburg, Nathalie is Blythe Liddle
Egerton, Tamsin is Agapanthus Paddington
Eisley, India is Natalya Toomey
Emmanuel, Nathalie is Cayenne St. Croix
Englert, Alice is Fawn Downs
Ericsson, Freja Beha is Stephanie Larkin
Evancho, Jackie is RESERVED by Kei
Fanning, Elle is RESERVED by Kei / Beta Aether
Fey, Tina is Cassie Peck
Foy, Claire is Lillibet Arklay
Fry, Lucy is Ygraine Snow
Gadot, Gal is Leah Hale
German, Lauren is Lailah Lux
Ginzburg, Esti is Vivienne Morgann
Gilligan, Chelsea is Cashmere Xenos
Glau, Summer is Acacia Templeton
Goodwin, Ginnifer is OFF LIMITS
Grainger, Holliday is Andromeda Castor
Greene, Ashley is Sparrow Jeffries
Guerin, Heloise is Sabina Belvins
Gyllenhaal, Maggie is Madeline Lucan
Hale, Lucy is Tierney Jade
Han, Hye Jin is Chamnil Kisaya
Hannigan, Alyson is Alexandria Summers
Harris, Danielle is Daisy Echo
Heatherton, Erin is Hero Juliet Violenta Curnick
Hemingway, Dree is Meredith Fowler
Hendricks, Christina is Genevieve Bones
Henstridge, Elizabeth is Clementine Fitzgerald
Holland, Willa is Yael Rhodes
Holt, Claire is Rebekah Dycen
Hopkins, Anna is Mack Hael
Hosk, Elsa is Threnody Gilliam
Hyorin, Min is Hyorin Lee
Jagaciak, Monika is Bianca Parish
James, Lily is Lily Bouchon
Jampanoï, Mylèn is Sable Morrow
Jampanoï, Mylène is Sybil Morrow
Johnson, Dakota is RESERVED by Faye/Amelia Monroe
Jones, Felicity is RESERVED by Nadi
Jow, Malese is Cybele Klioss
Jung, Jessica is Mitsuko Tsugentaki
Justice, Victoria is Trish Thornton
Kajlich, Bianca is Eden McAllister
Kane, Adelaide is Rowan Groves
Katic, Stana is Nâdiya Brewer
Katina, Lena is Caitlyn Chappers
Kendrick, Anna is Roxie Lister
Kennedy, Jessica Parker is Cassandra Klioss
Kichigina, Sasha is Ena Duval
Kidman, Nicole is Ann Montgomery
Kingston, Alex is Charlotte Grey
Knightley, Keira is Dinah Mac Conmara
Kravitz, Zoe is Cosima Washington
Kreuk, Kristin is Sasha Tretheway
Labanauskaite, Erika is RESERVED by Carlephadora Cobblefrost
Laurent, Melanie is Brekke Riordan
Lawley, Robyn is Freya Nyhus
Lawrence, Jennifer is Mona Starling
Linder, Erika is Fable Bray
List, Peyton is Caitlin Abbott
Lively, Blake is Kalleigh Haagan
Lotz, Caity is Diedre Haven
Luddington, Camilla is Camilla Croft
Madsen, Virginia is Johanna Aldwin-Kim
Malone, Jena is Lydia Curnick
Mara, Kate is Sienna Beaumont
Markle, Megan is Meghan Zane
Martinez, Melanie is RESERVED by B
Maslany, Tatiana is Verity McDowell
Mavor, Freya is Amantha Reading
Mays, Tristan is Zerran Washington
Mayberry, Lauren is Lana Mallory Archer
McGrath Katie is Danica Fitzroy
McKey Sullivan, Brittany is Beatrice Ravenking
McNamara, Katherine is Emelie De Rook
McNiven, Julie is Coralie Breckenridge
Meier, Barbra is Xaria Tatham
Mendler, Bridgit is Charlotte Ellesworth
Michael, Ali is Naima Reedus
Miner, Rachel is Megan Talbot
Mitchell, Shay is Oralia Reeis
Mulligan, Carey is Euphimia Isherwood
Oh, Sandra is Wren Aldwin-Kim
Ordon, Julia is Fyne Norwood
Pacitto, Kara is Augusta de Vere
Padalecki, Genevieve (Cortese) is Ophelia Montmorency
Palicki, Adrianne is Elphaba Nettles
Palmer, Zoie is Zoiy Asclepius
Paltrow, Gwyneth is Gwen Lune
Panettiere, Hayden is Addi Carter
Parrilla, Lana is Tressa Belladorna
Parrish, Janel is Kallisto Klioss
Patton, Candice is Stevie Van Houten
Phipps, Grace is Vani Belvins
Pineda, Daniella is Xyris Zanthara
Plaza, Aubrey is Jasmine Michaels
Polanco, Dascha is Zady Wolffe
Porter, Fo is Bryce Russi
Portman, Natalie is Skylar Prewlett
Pulvar, Lara is Irena Adllir
Rebowe, Nell is Fiona Finnegan
Reed, Crystal is Beatrix Ekdahl
Ren, Alexis is Cricket Savoy
Reynolds, Debbie is Eudora Cackle
Ridley, Daisy is Vittoria Machiavelli
Riley, Talulah is Eliza Weir
Roberts, Emma is RESERVED by Canry Joseph
Robertson, Kathleen is Caroline Vesey
Rose, Dakota is RESERVED by Kei
Rose, Ruby is Adelaide Ravenking
Rudakova, Natalya is Astilbe Kildare
Sahli, Hind is Riley Scotts
Sanders, Jasmine is Omega Moore
Scabbia, Cristina is RESERVED by Rose/Gabrielle Vablatsky
Scagliotti, Allison is Makenna Echo
Scodelario, Kaya is Snow Arnell
Scorsone, Caterina is Gwenaëlle Valois
Silk, Anna is Aleksandrina Spiro
Spektor, Regina is Mili Kreisky
Spiridakos, Tracy is RESERVED by Amber
Staite, Jewel is Isolde Rhodes
Staples, Gillian is Opal Reagan
Stasey, Caitlin is Tawny Beaumont
Steadman, Catherine is Mary Ann Curnick
Stefani, Gwen is OFF LIMITS
Steinfeld, Hailee is Heulyn Price
Stirling, Lindsey is Saoirse Cathasaigh
Strahovski, Yvonne is Yvette Snow
Sursok, Tammin is Alexandria Rothesay
Swift, Taylor is RESERVED by Leelee
Tal, Alona is Grace Darrow
Tandy, Meagan is RESERVED by Versie Elder
Telegaard, Terese Pagh is Dylan Cain
Thomas, Antonia is Chaney Bronte
Tomlinson, Eleanor is Guinever Bones
Thompson, Emily Trimble is RESERVED by Penny
Thompson, Jasmine is Reily Ivanov
Tobia, Emeraude is Baelis Kheele
Tonkin, Phoebe is RESERVED by Nadibr> Vadsaria, Dilshad is Yasmina Khare
VanCamp, Emily is Althea Beaufort
Vanderham, Joanna is Vasillia Petroff
Vandervoort, Laura is Sigyn Holt
Vikander, Alicia is Esmée Maanlicht
Vodianova, Natalia is Chloe Applebee
Wakefield, Charity is RESERVED by Shae
Walker, Dreama is Georgie Hael
Walters, Julie is Molly Weasley
Wasikowska, Mia is Honey Beaumont
Watson, Hattie is Faelira Redding
Weeks, Perdita is Harriett Curnick
Weiss, Gaia is Helena Halifax
Weisz, Rachel is Iskra Plamen
Wilde, Gabriella is RESERVED for Nadi/Roesia Moreau
Wilson, Ruth is Kira Toomey
Williams, Maisie is Sofia Kippenberger
Winslet, Kate is Noemi Parish
Woll, Deborah Ann is RESERVED by Caro
Wood, Even Rachel is Jermimah Pond
Yi Fei, Liu is Mei-Lien Yu
Zoppolo, Veronica is Ysabeau St. Claire

Abel, Jake is Joel White
Ackles, Jensen is Alaric Breckinridge
Acosta, Carlos is RESERVED by Mim/Daniel Reid
Adams, Patrick J. is Marcus Abernathy
Amell, Stephen is Kyran Rhodes
Ashmore, Shawn is Jensen White
Aubry, Gabriel is OFF LIMITS
Averianov, Vladimir is Connor Applebee
Bailey, Cameron is Lennox Flemming
Barnhill, Justin is Roman Montgomery
Barrowman, John is Mitchell Cormac
Bauder, Eugene is Sawyer Tam
Beech, Josh is Jake Callum
Belanger, Eric is Damien Soriano
Bennett, Jonathan is Arthur Curnick
Bennett, Manu is Maka Henare Waimarie
Bernardini, Lucas is Larkin Dryden
Berrux, Romann is RESERVED by Leelee
Bethel, Wilson is Theo Cross
Bewley, Charlie is Charlie Mikailson
Blaaker, Isha is Wyon Silver
Blackthorne, Paul is Graham Woodard
Boche, Paul is Illium Cuthwulf
Bomer, Matt is Niel Kennedy
Bonaventure, Leo is Javon LaPierre
Booth, Douglas is RESERVED by Zana
Borowiec, Bartek is Seoirse Finnigan
Bruckner, Aaron is Benette Crane
Burke, Billy iis RESERVED by Leelee
Buzolic, Nathaniel is Kol Zoldyck
Canela, Jeancarlos is Cristóbal Franco
Carney, Reeves is Yule Brentnall
Carrig, Kacey is Jasper B. Faraday
Carrig, Kacey is Justice Faraday
Cartier, Willie is Xeno de Vaux
Cavill, Henry is Riordan Murdoch St. John
Cha, Eun Woo is Aleris Hawkeye
Chabal, Sebastien is Gaston Duval
Choi, Seung Hyun is Qiu Phan
Choi, Seung Hyun is Quest Phan
Choi, Seung Hyun is Quennel Phan
Christensen, Hayden is Hyde J. Murray
Claflin, Sam is Maxmillian Worthington-Clark
Clooney, George is Eli Kreisky
Collins, Misha is Julian Preece
Cooper, Andrew is Ezra Norwood
Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj Merrick Quindlen
Coulson, Christian is James Curnick
Croft, Parker is Ilias Cuthwulf
Cumberbatch, Benedict is Sherrinford Dupin
Cunningham, Liam is RESERVED by Shae
Cusack, John is Irving Eliot
Daddario, Matthew is Blaize Kheele
Davis, Charles Micheal is Zeke Selpmont
Dancy, Hugh is Dancy Holmwood
de Caestecker, Iain is Ainley Beckett
Dillane, Frank is Alexander Harper
Dinklage, Peter is Charles Moss
Donnell, Colin is RESERVED by Beth
Dornan, Jamie is RESERVED by Leelee
Downey Jr, Robert is Robert Kline
Eastwood, Scott is Sanbourne Diego
Eggold, Ryan is Icarus Volkov
Eggold, Ryan is Meleager Volkov
Ehrenreich, Alden is Vaughn Werner
Eidem, Benjamine is Rion Pendley
Elba, Idris is Navid Kagen
Ellis, Tom is Devon Barnabas
Evans, Chris is Sammy Smyth
Ezra, George is Jeremy Preston
Farrell, Colin is Mason Abbott
Fauvel, Maxence is Hal Vandervoort
Fillion, Nathan is Colten Brewer
Franco, Dave is Joaquin Thorpe
Freire, Kim is Silas Hael
Gandy, David is Favian D'Ambrosio
Garvaris, Jordan is Draven Handslip
Ge, Hu is RESERVED by Mim/Zheng Jin
Gillies, Daniel is Archer Ayres
Goodwin, Harry Reed Hyde
Gordon-Levitt, Jospeh is Dax Montgomery
Greenberg, Bryan is Wyatt Gillis
Gregory, Parker is J.P. Wallace
Gruffudd, Ioan is Whitney Singleton
Gubler, Matthew Gray is Guilford Genovese
Gustin, Grant is Ryan Abernathy
Hall, Ricki is Tolliver Geary
Harrington, Kit is Lionel Forsythe
Harris, Neil Patrick is Atticus Younglove
Hartnett, Josh is Yuri Checkov
Haynes, Colton is Adrian L'Engle
Haynes, Colton is Quinten Tyree
Hemingway, Toby is Reed Hyde
Hemsworth, Chris is Dean Smyth
Hemsworth, Liam is Dieter Korsakov-Petroff
Heughan, Sam is Sam MacKenzie
Hiddleston, Tom is Magnus Gaston
Hold, Jake is Mattieu Vesey
Holt, Greyston is Loki Kolbrun
Howell, Dan is Thomas J. Hollens
Hughes, Tom is Jerrick Bishop
Hunnam, Charlie is Hadrian Belvins
Hurley, Parker is Sully Cowan
Inoo, Kei is RESERVED by Mim/Souma Saito
Ivanov, Vladimir is Kendrick Younglove
Jackson-Cohen, Oliver is Cabot Kennedy
James, Theo is Schulyer Thorpe
John, Josh Mario is RESERVED by Caro
Kane, Matt is Valentine Cresswell
Karavas, Yiorgos is Archibald Gerikson
Kim, Soo-Hyun is Seong Soo-joon
Knight, Tommy is Albert Curnick
Kozlovsky, Danila is Danila Gregorovitch
Lauridsen, Mathias is Felipe D’Ambrosio
Lazzini, Rafael is Griffin Snowden
Lerman, Logan is Liam Toomey
Leto, Jared is Aldous Beaufort
Liboiron, Landon is Konstantin Borya-Iosif
Ludwig, Alexander is Nero Belvins
Lund, Steve is Mikhail Bakalov
Lutz, Kellan is Uther Pendley
Macht, Gabriel is RJ Moncrief
Macintosh, Gavin is Elijah Maynard
Madden, Jake is Holden Pierce
Manganiello, Joe is Bryden Knox
Mann, Gabriel is Adian Beaufort
Marsden, James is Cypress St. James
Martens, Toon is Lachlin Vesey
Martens, Toon is Lennon Vesey
McAvoy, James is Dante Hamilton
McKellen, Ian is Boris Owlin
McKenzie, Ben is Parker Hael
McMillan, Miles is Meredith Kingsley
Mikkelsen, Mads is Isadore Holmwood
Miller, Ezra is Cillian Shade
Mison, Tom is Graham Kennedy
Momoa, Jason is Theseus Moore
Moore, Shemar is RESERVED by Gab.
Morais, Pablo is Israel Post
Morely, Bobby is Fanu Akadi
Nakajima, Yuto is Yousuke Aikawa
Nawrat, Greg is Timofei Petroff
Nessman, Simon is Philon Aldwin-Kim
Nigmatullin, Igor is Teague Flannery
Owen, Clive is Edmond, Montgomery
Owens, Nathan is Tau Mennecke
Ozawa, Ryota is Red Marvelous
Pace, Lee is RESERVED by Vince Goyle
Padalecki, Jared is Rhys Breckinridge
Paisley, Devin is Mathias Crowley
Palange Dominic is Beau Hudson
Palladio, Sam is Sebastian Chamberlain
Perry, Matthew is Isacc Morris
Pettyfer, Alex is Luther Starling
Pratt, Chris is Emrys Kildare
Quinto, Zachary is Deante Parvus
Ramsey, David is RESERVED by Penny
Reardon, Stuart is Aneirin Leòideach
Renner, Jeremy is Isaac Beauchamp
Reynolds, Ryan is Finn Frost
Rosende, Alberto is RESERVED by Beth
Routh, Brandon is Oberon Starret
Rozon, Tim is Wyndham North
Ruffalo, Mark is Mattia Nocerino
Samuel, Xavier is Orion Hastings
Sano, Gaku is Kouta Kadoya
Schumann, Jannik is Brahms Werner
Scott, Andrew is James Korzak
Sharman, Daniel is RESERVED by Mim
Sheeran, Ed is Rory Hutton
Sheppard, Mark is Jefferson Breckinridge
Sherwood, Dominic is Guillarme Devereaux
Shum Jr., Harry is RESERVED by Beth
Skarsgard, Alexander is Tiegue Ilasenko
Smith, Dan is Lancelot Humphrey Ellington
Smith, Matt is Nigel MacDonald
Sorensen, Tobias is Jett Larkin
Standen, Clive is RESERVED by Zana
Stephens, Toby is Galen Rhodes
Stocke, Levi is RESERVED by Cy
Strand, Calle is Jaakov, Cohen
Taylor-Johnson, Aaron is Malone Murdoch St. John
Teale, Sean is Vincent Aldwin-Kim
Teixeira. Marlon is Baylor Flemming
Tennant, David is John Smith
Thieriot, Max is Xavier Conrad
Till, Lucas is Felix Grey
Tortorella, Nico is Hollis Daye
Trevino, Michael is Silas Hael
Tveit, Aaron is RESERVED by Tucker Cross
Ullial, Gaspard is Rhys Herriot
Urie, Brendan is Vincent Goyle
van den Hoven, Jaco is Gus Hellington
Ventimiglia, Milo is Marco Rossini
Walters, Andy is Tristian Pendley
Welling, Tom is Caliban Starret
Whittle, Ricky is Bellamy Washington
Yamada, Ryosuke is Nix Snowheart
Yamada, Ryosuke is Sol Snowheart
Yamashita, Tomohisa is Gelus Snowheart


FIRST TIME CLAIMS/FACE CHANGE; (remove asterisk* to post)
[code*]Celeb last name, first name is [url=linkttocharcterprofile]Character first name last name[/url]<br>[/code*]

When changing a face, please make sure to tell me which face you're giving up in your post. Thank you.

RESERVE CLAIMS; (remove asterisk* to post)
[code*]Celeb last name, first name is [i]RESERVED[/i] by Writer/character name<br>[/code*]

CLAIM SOMEONE ELSE’S FACE; (remove asterisk* to post)
[code*]Celeb last name, first name is [url=linktocharacterprofile]Character first name last name[/url]<br> Previously claimed by: Character name[/code*]

apples & pears @ caution to the wind

If you post your Claim/Reserve names in capitals, they will not be added in the claim.

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Oh you may not think I'm pretty, But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me.
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